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Burnt Store Colony
Updated December 1st, 2020
(latest update)
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Please Note: The Homes for Sale List may not have todays date; however, it is updated as information is send into the Burnt Store Office.
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Legal Information:
Requests for Estoppel Certificates:
If you need an Estoppel Certificate, please have your
your title Company or Closing Agent contact:
Phone: 941-575-6764
    Fax: 941-575-7968
Insurance Agent For Burnt Store Colony
If you want to verify the park’s insurance, please
contact the insurance agent listed below:
Deborah Carlson, ARM, CPIW
Account Manager
HUB International Florida
600 ​Cleveland ​Street; ​Suite ​600
Clearwater,​FL ​33755
Direct Line: 727-​450-6054
Toll-free: 800-​797-0441
Fax: 727-​669-0673